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What to wear for your family photoshoot

Choosing what to wear for your family photo shoot can be a minefield and “what should we wear?” is one of the most common questions clients ask me before a shoot. Clothing is an important aspect of your photo shoot as you want everyone’s outfits to work well together, you need to feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing and you want to love your images in 10 year’s time as much as you do now!

Here are a few pointers to get you on the right track.

Co-ordinate but don’t match

Choose a basic colour palette and go from there. Sometimes it is better to choose one outfit and draw from these colours to style the rest of the family. It is common to choose the females clothing first and then  style the rest of the family around this.

Here are some examples of popular colour palettes that work well in photos.


Scarves, hats, jewellery, a quirky jacket, even welly boots!. Accessories are great to add a pop of colour to your basic colour palette and extra personality to your photos.  Keep it subtle though, you don’t want the accessory to be the main focus of the photo, the viewer should first and foremost be drawn to the subject, the accessory should then compliment the overall look. Keep accessories to a minimum with babies, they stand out of their own accord in their simple purity. 

what to wear for your family photo shoot


what to wear for your family photo shoot


Layers and textures

Beautiful layers in outfits can turn a great photo into an amazing photo by adding depth and texture to the image. A pretty dress with a knitted cardigan on top, ribbons, jackets, jumpers – all these can create interest in photos especially with a more neutral colour palette like the photo below 

what to wear for your family photo shoot



Make sure no-one wears logos or clothes with images that will really date the photos. Your little boy might be really into batman now but not so much in a few years and you want the focus to be on the subject in a few years time not on the fact that he was wearing a batman jumper! Although your outfits must be a good reflection on you, try to keep to outfits that will stand the test of time too!

what to wear for your family photo shoot



Try and choose your colour palette to represent the season you are in. Bright yellows, pinks and blues are great for Spring and Summer but not so great on an atmospheric winter shoot.

what to wear for your family photo shoot


Hopefully the points above will help you with your clothing dilemmas before your  shoot……just remember though, comfort is key!!

Here are some examples from past clients to give some more inspiration!


what to wear for your family photo shoot

what to wear for your family photo shoot

what to wear for your family photo shoot



For more information about clothing on photo shoots or to book a photo session with me please do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!


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