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London in springtime (family photographer, West London)

London in springtime (family photographer, West London)

As I write this the rain has been pouring outside for at least 3 hours non-stop and spring seems like an eternity ago. Looking back at these photos though has made me excited for the sunshine and colours that spring brings with it and excited for next year’s photo shoots in the glorious parks that London has to offer

These photos were taken in Queens Park West London earlier this year.  It was a bright, sunny day but very windy so we had to take cover and move locations several times to avoid wild hair covering faces and sticking up on end! Queens Park is a lovely location with plenty of long grass, flowers and quiet areas to escape from other families enjoying their Sunday! This little girl had an enormous amount of fun in the daffodils along with her mum and I had enormous fun playing with her and photographing her!

family photographer, West London




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