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What to expect at your newborn shoot

You’ve secured your booking with me and your due date is looming! The information below should answer your questions about what to expect at your newborn shoot.

Newborn photography

I absolutely love doing newborn shoots. It is an honour to be asked into the family home at such a special time and capture the most precious images of your new little bundle of loveliness! Newborn shoots are very different to my normal family shoots. I take things very slowly and my priority is to give you a calm, relaxed, stress-free and enjoyable session. As you can see from the galleries on my website, my style is very natural and I don’t over pose the baby avoiding over-stylised images. I always allow at least 2 hours for the shoot. Some babies can take a long time to settle, some need a feed mid-session and there is always a nappy change or 2 as part of the proceedings!

How to prepare for the shoot

There is really not much that you need to do – you have your hands pretty full already! I have a large posing bean bag with back drop that I bring to your house which is where I do most of the shots of the baby on his/her own. Photos with mum and dad (and siblings) usually take place on a double bed so I do ask that you have a white/light coloured duvet made up. I have a few hats/flowers for the baby’s head but it is down to your own personal taste as to whether I use these.

I always aim to start the session with the naked shots on the posing beanbag so make sure that your house is warm as this helps settle the baby and if at all possible please feed the baby just before I arrive – a warm baby with a full tummy all helps towards settling them to sleep on the posing beanbag! As I aim to start with the naked shots it is best to have your baby ready in just a nappy and wrapped in a blanket, that way if they are sleeping we won’t wake them by taking clothes off.

What do I wear?

newborn photography
For the best results keep to light colours and most importantly wear something you are comfortable in! A simple white vest for the baby is perfect – we need to see little hands and toes!
What happens after the shoot?

Within a week of the shoot you will have access to all your edited proof images in a password protected area on my website and you will then have a week to make any orders.


I offer a range of products as listed below (please ask me for examples and costs)

High quality professional prints
Usb stick containing all edited images from the shoot in both high-res and web ready format
Beautiful bespoke baby album
Made to order frames of varying sizes

Please contact me for all your newborn photography enquiries!


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