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Understanding ISO

Last week I posted about aperture priority mode, one of the 3 pillars of photography (the other 2 being ISO and shutter speed). This week is about ISO. Having an understanding of how ISO works and what it does is key to taking a great photo. What is ISO?? In very basic terms, ISO (International Standards Organization) is the level of sensitivity of your camera to light. ISO settings can be anywhere from 100 to 6,400 (or higher), and these numbers have a direct relationship with the device’s sensitivity, so a lower number makes it less sensitive and a high number makes
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Shooting in aperture priority mode on your dslr

Aperture priority mode (seen as av on canon and a on nikon) allows you to have full control of your aperture settings whilst leaving you camera to set the shutter speed for correct exposure. What is aperture? Photography is all about light. Without light there is no photo. Aperture is one of the pillars of photography that help control this light (or exposure) – the other 2 being ISO and shutter speed (more about them later!) Simply put, aperture is a hole within a lens through which light travels into the camera body. It opens to let in more light
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